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In case of emergency

If something happens that requires you to call the emergency services or another public authority, please use the contact list below.

Make sure you are aware of the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and emergency exits. There are always two alternative exit routes. Study the evacuation plans which are located in the corridors and the stairwell.

In an emergency call: (0)112
Only dial zero before the number if you are calling from an internal telephone.

The University’s emergency telephone number: 046 222 07 00

If you need to contact the caretaker or the University’s duty officer call 046 222 07 00. From the University’s internal telephones, dial 20 700 and from abroad dial:+46 46 222 07 00.

Power failure

In case of a power failure the emergency light will automatically turn on and stay lit for 4 hours. The doors with card readers have a back-up battery that will last for 1-2 hours, and after that these doors will stop working. However, you will always be able to get out of the building. Be aware that you can only exit through the emergency routs. In case of a longer power failure do not stay in the building.

Emergency telephone numbers:

  • Ambulance: 040 676 93 00
  • Work Environment Authority: 010 730 90 00
  • Poisons information: 08 33 12 31
  • Medical products information: 0771 46 70 10, 0771 450 450
  • Police: 114 14
  • Healthcare advice: 1177
  • SOS: 112 (remember to dial zero before the number when calling from an internal telephone!)


Fire safety officer

Charlotte Tornbjer (director)