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Study advisors

The study advisors are there to provide guidance and information on how to choose and plan your studies, your study technique, studying abroad, concerns that may arise during your studies, examinations, etc.If you have questions of a general nature, you can always address them to Lund University’s central study advisory service. If, on the other hand, your questions are subject-specific, it is preferable to turn to the study advisor for your subject. 

Contact the study advisor for the subject which interests you:

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

  • Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Archaeology
  • Archaeology – theory and practice (Master’s programme)
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Historical Osteology

Department of Philosophy   

  • Practical Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Bachelor’s programme)
  • Practical Philosophy
  • Theoretical Philosophy

Department of History

  • History
  • Master’s programme in Historical Studies
  • Human Rights Studies
  • Bachelor’s programme in Human Rights Studies

Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

  • Master of Applied Cultural Analysis
  • Archival Studies
  • Master’s programmes in Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Museology (ABM)
  • Library and Information Studies
  • Book History
  • Bachelor’s programme in Digital Cultures
  • Ethnology
  • Editing, Publishing and the Book Market
  • History of Ideas and Sciences
  • Intermedia Studies
  • Art History and Visual Studies
  • Cultural Administration
  • Bachelor’s programme in Fashion Studies
  • Museology
  • Musicology
  • Master’s programme in Visual Culture

  • Contact a study advisor
  • Website of the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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