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Maintenance unit LUX

Maintenance unit LUX is responsable for the common premises (that means lecture rooms, group rooms, the atrium, the staff dining room and the student kitchenette) in LUX and the common orgnaization in the house, the later means the reception, the caretaker's office and the booking of premises at LUX.

NB! LUX Aula is not the repsonability of maintenance unit LUX. Too book, contact the lokalbokningbygg.luse.

Office Director

The reception

Phone: +46 46 222 64 70 | E-post: receptionlux.luse | For more information, see Reception.

Caretaker's office

Phone: + 46 46 222 64 75 | E-post: vaktmasterilux.luse | For more information, see Caretaker's office.

Incoming post

Timetabling and premises bookings

For more information, see Premises booking.