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    Conference on Formal Epistemology and Social Networks in Lund 24-25 April 2018


    This conference highlights the state of the art and, in particular, recent advances in using mathematical and logical tools, but also empirical experimentation and computer simulations, for studying issues in social epistemology, including the epistemology of social networks.

    The conference will be held at Lund University, 24-25 April 2018, and is supported by a Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant (The Scientific Approach to Epistemology) in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy at Lund University.

    The network involves research groups in:

    Bristol (Bristol University, Richard Pettigrew, PI)

    Groningen (the Rijksuniversiteit, Jan-Willem Romeijn)

    Lund (LUIQ, Erik J. Olsson)

    Munich (LMU/MCMP, Stephan Hartmann)

    Pittsburgh (CMU, Kevin Zollman)

    Tilburg (Tilburg University, Jan Sprenger).

    Organizer: Erik J. Olsson (Department of Philosophy, LUIQ, Lund University)

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