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Practical Philosophy

Practical philosophy can be defined as the study of the philosophical foundations of "practical thought", with a particular emphasis on values, attitudes to life and norms of behaviour.

Lund’s practical philosophers have in recent years obtained external funding for a number of research projects, within various parts of the subject. The projects range over the following themes: philosophical theories of value, the concept of welfare, virtue and responsibility, practical rationality, theories of causation, collective action, the concept of intent, and dynamic decision-making.

If one considers the research more generally within the subject at the department, there are five fields which currently attract the majority of research activities: moral philosophy, axiology (= theory of value), political philosophy, decision theory, philosophy of action and social ontology. The research has a strong international focus and individual research efforts have attracted international attention.

Research projects in Practical Philosophy

Agentskap: Kollektiva och individuella perspektiv (Björn Petersson)../projekt/526

Autonomi (Ylva von Gerber)

Avsiktlighet och agentperspektiv (Björn Petersson)

Brottsoffer och rätten till straff (David Alm)

Dygdetik: normativ teori och moralisk praktik (Johan Brännmark)

Dynamiska rättigheter (David Alm)

Metaphysics and Collectivity

Moraliskt ansvar: en individualistikst ansats (Andras Szigeti)

Om Våra Goda Skäl (Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen)

Practical Knowledge and Mistakes (Cathrine Felix)

Rights and Duties (Marcus Agnafors)

Stoicism Revisited (Frits Gåvertsson)

Värderelationer (Henrik Andersson)

Värdeteoretisk subjektivism (Fritz-Anton Fritzson)

Värdeteori (Wlodek Rabinowicz)

What's the Value of Sustainable Development? (Eric Brandstedt)