Higher Sem in Practical Philosophy: Henrik Andersson (LU) "A Hard Rejection of Spectrum Arguments"

23 March 2023 13:15 to 15:00 Seminar

Henrik Andersson (LU) will give a self-contained talk at the Higher seminar in practical philosophy. Here is his title and abstract:

A Hard Rejection of Spectrum Arguments


Spectrum arguments are purported to show that the betterness relation is not a transitive relation. This is a radical conclusion since much of normative theorizing and everyday reasoning assumes that betterness is transitive. In this paper, I argue that we ought to reject one of the intuitively appealing premises of a paradigmatic spectrum argument as presented by Larry Temkin (2012). The rejection can take the form of a hard or a soft rejection. The hard rejection deviates more from the underlying intuition of the premise than the soft rejection. I will argue that it is, nevertheless, more plausible to opt for a hard rejection. This will be done by showing how appeals to non-conventional value relations, such as parity and incomparability, that are associated with soft rejection, will not provide a satisfying response to the spectrum argument.



About the event:

23 March 2023 13:15 to 15:00



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