Post Hoc Interventions: prospects and problems

5 October 2022 10:00 to 6 October 2022 16:00 conference

How can we combat discrimination based on sexism, racism and other forms of prejudice? At the Pufendorf IAS at Lund University, researchers from different disciplines are investigating methods for addressing prejudiced behavior after it has occurred but before it results in discrimination, through so-called "post hoc interventions".

Welcome to a two-day conference with researchers from the Theme Post Hoc Interventions and invited speakers where we will discuss post hoc interventions from a legal, ethical, epistemological and statistical perspective. Comparisons will also be made between post hoc interventions and existing methods in social psychology and computer science for combatting prejudice.

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Tentative Program

During each session, there will be a presentation for about 35 minutes, a comment by an invited commentator for about 7-10 minutes, followed by Q&A.

Wednesday Oct 5th                                                                            

10.00               Welcome and Coffee                                   

10.20               Una Tellhed, Department of Psychology, Lund University

                        Commentator: Fredrik Björklund, Department of Psychology,
                        Lund University

11.20               Break

11.40               Martin Jönsson, Department of Philosophy, Lund University

                        Commentator: TBA                                                           

12.40               Lunch at Pufendorf IAS                                

13.40               Jakob Bergman, Department of Statistics, Lund University

                        Commentator: TBA                                   

14.40               Break                                                             

15.00               Erik Girvan, University of Oregon School of Law

                        Commentator: Nazar Akrami, Department of Psychology,
                        Uppsala University

16.00               End of day one                                            


Thursday Oct 6th

9.00                 Anna Nilsson, Faculty of Law, Lund University

                        Commentator: Leila Brännström, Department of Law,
                        Lund University

10.00               Break

10.20               Mattias Gunnemyr, Department of Philosophy, Lund University

                        Commentator: TBA                       

11.20               Break

11.40               Kasper Lippert Rasmussen, Department of Political Science,
                        Aarhus University

                        Commentator: Jenny Magnusson, Department of Philosophy,
                        Lund University

12.40               Lunch at Pufendorf IAS

13.40               Gloria Mähringer, Department of Philosophy, LMU Munich

                        Commentator: TBA

14.40               Break

15.00               Thore Husfeldt, Department of Computer Science,
                        IT University of Copenhagen

                        Commentator: TBA

16.00               End of Conference



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Researchers, professionals and other interested people are welcome to participate in the conference for free. The conference will take place in Lund at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies.

About the event:

5 October 2022 10:00 to 6 October 2022 16:00

Pufendorf IAS, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund


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