Environmental work

Our environmental policy

  • The Department of Philosophy is to work for a high level of environmental awareness among employees and students.
  • Attention to the environment constitutes an integrated part of all activities at the Department of Philosophy.
  • We strive to continuously raise the bar for the department’s environmental work.
  • Through its research, teaching and outreach activities, the department is to contribute to increased knowledge of the philosophical dimensions of environmental problems.
  • Our greatest contribution in favour of the environment is the knowledge of and the attitudes to the environment and sustainable development that our students carry with them from the department out into society.
  • The department’s environmental work is an ongoing process which builds on initiatives and aims that are reviewed through supervision and follow-up.
  • Daily work and activities are characterised by efficient and long-term sustainable use of resources.
  • We strive to reduce our consumption of energy and non-renewable resources. In the procurement process, the principle of substitution is applied as far as possible.
  • Travel on behalf of the department is undertaken in such a way and with such means of transport that the negative impact on the environment is minimised, as far as possible.

The department’s environmental coordinator is Eva Sjöstrand.

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Environmentally certified department
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