Equal opportunities

The Department of Philosophy’s Equal Opportunities Group is responsible for following and implementing the department’s equal opportunities plan. The plan includes issues of equality and diversity in relation to gender, ethnicity and disability, with regard to the education and working conditions of students as well as the terms of employment of staff.

Current Members

Martin Jönsson (director of studies)

Tobias Hansson Wahlberg (director of doctoral studies)

Henrik Andersson (doctoral student in practical philosophy)

Katarzyna Bobrowicz (doctoral student in cognitive science)

Annika Wallin (associate professor in cognitive science)

Contact person

Martin Jönsson (director of studies)

Equal opportunities work at the Department of Philosophy

  • 2017 – The Equal Opportunities Group at the Department of Philosophy organised the lecture series The Road Less Traveled with talks by philosophy professors by underrepresented gender working in Sweden. Read more about the lectures.
  • 2013-2014 - The Equal Opportunities Group at the Department of Philosophy  prepared and conducted a Questionnaire on internationalisation and equal treatment of employees.

  • 2012 - The Equal Opportunities Group at the Department of Philosophy formulated a consultation response to the Gender Equality, Equal Treatment and Diversity Plan for the Faculties of Humanities and Theology 2013-2015.

  • January 2012 - A meeting was planned between the equal opportunities group and students interested in equal opportunities issues.

  • On 27 January 2012 the department organised a conference with female philosophers. Among the participants invited were Elinor Mason, Lindsey Porter, Jules Holroyd, Ana Barandalla Ajona and Jennifer Saul. The conference was concluded with a panel discussion on the theme of "Women in Philosophy", an event organised together with the Philosophical Society.

  • In the autumn of 2010 the department organised several different activities to draw attention to women in philosophy. Among them was a workshop with Jennifer Saul on the theme of "Unconscious Influences and Women in Philosophy" for employees and for the Philosophical Society.

  • During the entire autumn semester 2010, there was an exhibition on women in philosophy in the foyer of the Kungshuset building. In connection with this, Cathrine Felix and Dan Egonsson wrote an article in the Sydsvenskan daily newspaper on 27 October 2010: "Drawing attention to the contribution of women to philosophy”. The exhibition was also covered in LUM. A discussion meeting between the equal opportunities group and students interested in equal opportunities issues on the theme "Why so few female philosophy students?" was organised in October 2010. There were subsequent follow-up meetings in smaller groups.

  • January 2011: Cathrine Felix and Dan Egonsson took part in the annual workshop organised by Edinburgh Women in Philosophy. To find out more on the 2011 workshop see EWPG Workshop 2010/11.

The equal opportunities group’s work 2005-2009

Initially, the group inventoried problems in connection to all these issues. Part of the equal opportunities group’s work is to regularly follow up gender equality work at the department, and a new report is to be completed in 2010.

The report from 2005 was the basis for the group’s proposed action plan, which was adopted by the board of the department.

In 2006 the group focused on issues affecting equal opportunities for students with disabilities, dyslexia in particular. Among other things, the equal opportunities group organised seminars for lecturers, study advisors and student representatives at the department. One of the contributors to the seminars was Christel Berg from Lund University’s Division for Educational Support. The results of the work led to the Department of Philosophy now having a special plan make the department a good workplace for students with dyslexia.

In connection with the seminars, the equal opportunities group produced information material which was distributed to all employees at the department. The information material can also be downloaded via the link below.

The equal opportunities group was distinguished for this in connection with Lund University’s 2006 prize for efforts in support of equal opportunities for students, when it was commended for its “ambitious work to focus on the hidden functional disability of dyslexia, which resulted in the development of an individual action plan to make the department a better workplace for students with dyslexia and other disabilities”.

The Swedish Research Council has published an overview of current knowledge on dyslexia: Dyslexi kunskapsöversikt

The group’s work continued in accordance with the plan during 2007, when issues of ethnicity and diversity were among those addressed.

Equal opportunities work at LU and the Humanities Students' Union

Lund University offers support and guidance to students with disabilities. Please contact one of the University's Accessibility Officers and find more information on this web page.

Lund University has a Council for gender equality and equal opportunities. Read more about the university's work on gender equality and equal opportunities here.

The Student Union for you who study Humanities and Theology deals with equal opportunities issues and there is more information on their work on their website.

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