Higher Sem in Practical Philosophy: Andrew Latham (Aarhus) "Free Will, Conditionality, and Experimental Philosophy"

26 januari 2023 13:15 till 15:00 Seminarium

The department of philosophy is delighted to welcome  Andrew Latham,.

Andrew is presently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas at Aarhus University. He will give a self-contained talk entitled

Free Will, Conditionality, and Experimental Philosophy


One literature that we might investigate to see whether our concept of free will is an incompatibilist or compatibilist concept is experimental philosophy. However, existing empirical evidence appears to be roughly equivocal. There is good evidence that most people have an incompatibilist concept of free will, and some good evidence that most people have a compatibilist concept of free will. In this talk I outline the possibility of these results being consistent with our concept of free will being a compatibilist concept, albeit of a special kind: a so-called ‘conditional concept’. One long standing project I have been engaged with has been trying to get empirical traction on this idea. I will discuss some of those attempts (both good and bad) and the unique challenges the project has faced.



Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen

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26 januari 2023 13:15 till 15:00



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