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Kristoffer is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, and a researcher with the project "Knowledge in a Digital World" at Lund's Department of Philosophy. He is a former Fulbright Fellow and Templeton Fellow, as well as the recipient of the American Philosophical Association's Rockefeller Prize. He specialises in social epistemology and epistemic normativity.

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About the research

Sub-projects as part of "Knowledge in a Digital World":

1. The Virtue of Cognitive Outsourcing
We often find ourselves deferring to online sources about which we know very little, and thereby engage in a form of cognitive outsourcing. Dispositions to defer are epistemically virtuous when deferring has the person achieve true belief. This gives us a continuum of virtue, on one end of which a disposition might be virtuous completely on account of factors ascribable to the subject’s environment. In the present sub-project, we aim to make sense of cognitive outsourcing as such a social virtue, and factor in empirical results from online psychology for the purpose of saying something interesting about what online structures might be more socially virtuous than others.

2. Restrictions on Online Stupidity
We rightly hesitate to restrict free speech, fearing that doing so will violate people’s personal autonomy, particularly in contexts of political or religious speech. However, autonomy is arguably trumped by other values in cases where restrictions on free speech prevent immediate harm or offence. But take cases involving what we - for lack of a better word - may refer to as online stupidity. Such cases don’t involve political or religious speech, or immediate harm or offence. But they involve a tendency to misinform or otherwise lower the epistemic calibre of the public. The question for the present sub-project is: Can this ever constitute a defensible ground for interfere

Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij

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