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Mathias Osvath

I am a cognitive zoologist. That means that I compare cognitive mechanisms between species in order to understand cognitive evolution. Hopefully, this type of research leads to a deeper understanding of cognition as a biological phenomenon.

I mainly work with great apes and corvid birds. I want to understand the cognition of the species themselves, but I also want to gain further understanding of human cognitive evolution. One of my prime interests is to understand how complex cognition evolves, and how it can evolve independently (like in hominids, cetaceans and corvids).

I am the scientific director of Lund University Primate Research Station Furuvik, and I also direct Lund University Corvid Cognition Station.

I mainly teach in comparative cognition and in fields related to it. I am the main supervisor two PhD-students in projects related to physical cognition and planning in great apes and corvids.


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