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After studies encompassing Theology and Religious Studies, Practical Philosophy, Ethics, and The History of Ideas and Sciences I got accepted as a Ph.D. student in Practical Philosophy in September 2011.

My thesis, entitled Perfection and Fiction comprises a study of the ethical thought of Iris Murdoch with special emphasis, as evidenced by the title, on how morality is intimately connected to self-improvement aiming at perfection and how the study of (literary) fiction has an important role to play in our strive towards bettering ourselves within the framework set by Murdoch’s moral philosophy.

Other areas of competence include the history of (moral) philosophy (including history theory), ethical theory, eudemonism, self-realisationism, moral psychology, aesthetics, literature and philosophy, and the philosophy of emotions.


About the research

Areas of Specialisation: History of Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Eudaimonism, Moral Perfectionism

Areas of Competence: History of (Moral) Philosophy (encompassing philosophy of history and history theory), Meta-ethics, Value Theory, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of the Emotions, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy of Religion


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Frits Gåvertsson

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Practical Philosophy
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