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I am – after studies encompassing theology and religious studies, practical philosophy, ethics, and the history of ideas and sciences – a Ph.D. student in Practical Philosophy since September 2011.

In my research I focus on classic perfectionism, i.e. accounts of ethics informed by the good human life understood in terms of the development of human nature that seeks to unite a conception of our end with a general recipe for its attainment in terms of practical rationality. My work also touches upon neighbouring fields such as moral development, the (un)codifiability of moral norms, the relation between literature and moral philosophy, human and natural rights, moral generalities and moral particularism.


Thesis projects

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Areas of Specialisation: History of Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Eudaimonism, Moral Perfectionism

Areas of Competence: History of (Moral) Philosophy (encompassing philosophy of history and history theory), Meta-ethics, Value Theory, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of the Emotions, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy of Religion


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Conference Organisation

2016041415 ‘Graduateworkshop on Fiction and Philosophy’, Lund University, Department of Philosophy.April 14-15th 2016. With Dan Egonsson, Ylwa Wirling and Anna Persson.


20160424 ‘FilosofiskaRummet Läsvärt: Om fiktionens betydelse för filosofin’ [A Good Read: on therelevance of fiction for philosophy] Broadcasted on SR P1 (Swedish nationalpublic service radio).

Public talks

20150707 ‘Medicinanalogini antik etik’ [The Medical Analogy in Ancient Ethics] Mariakyrkan, Båstad.


2012- Chair of the philosophical Society, Lund University.

2011- Seminar leader, PhD. Seminar in practical philosophy, Lund University.

Frits Gåvertsson

Doctoral Student
Practical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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