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I finished my PhD in Practical Philosophy 13 September 2014. My dissertation thesis "Value Grounded on Attitudes - Subjectivism in Value Theory" (Media-Tryck, 2014), was a contribution to the part of philosophy that examines value and evaluations ​​and was specifically about how the subjectivist position within value theory is to be understood. I have a Master degree in Practical Philosophy and a Bachelor degree in Theoretical Philosophy, both also from Lund University. In addition to Philosophy I have also training in Religious Studies and Pedagogy at Lund University and Malmö University.


About the research

My research is mainly in value theory, but I have a broad interest in both the practical and the theoretical sides of Philosophy.

Other tasks and qualifications

I currently teach/have taught the following courses in Practical philosophy:

Moral Philosophy, level 1, numerous occasions since autumn 2010
Moral Skepticism, levels 2-3, spring 2012
The Evolution of Morality, levels 2-3, autumn 2014

Fritz-Anton Fritzson

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Practical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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