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Main area of research is the philosophy of mind with focus on the interdisciplinary exchange with related empirical sciences.

In particular, I treat the ways in which empirical data is leveraged in philosophical debates in the domain of consciousness studies.

My current project involves investigating the empirical support for the distinction between access consciousness and phenomenal consciousness, and how this model relates to the emerging debate in cognitive neuroscience about the neural correlates of consciousness.


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Some Issues I Am working on:
Theoretically providing the machinery that selects between of mental states and feeds them for higher-order representation, rendering them phenomenal conscious.

Developing an account of free will, on the basis of positive reinforcement and heuristics.

Introducing a distinction in Qualia akin to the "total phenomenal unity thesis" proposed by Bayne and Chalmers.

Investigating how theory of mind, abtract thinking and deliberation are tied to similation-theory, and in particular to qualia.


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Asger Kirkeby-Hinrup

Postdoctoral Fellow
Theoretical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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