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Post address

Department of Philosophy

Lund University

Box 192

SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

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LUX, Helgonavägen 3, Lund

Invoicing address:

Lund University

Department of Philosophy

Box 188

SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

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PlusGiro: 1 56 50-5 (kostnadsstalle 50 00 11)


Phone: 046-222 75 90 Fax: 046-222 44 24

Email: filfil.luse

Hamtstalle: 30

Education administrator

Anna Östberg

I am out of office on Wednesdays – then contact Annah Smedberg Eivers, see information below.

E-mail: anna.ostbergfil.luse

Phone: 046-222 75 90

Room: LUX:B524

Annah Smedberg Eivers

E-mail: annah.smedberg_eiverssol.luse

Phone: 046–222 34 97

Room: LUX:B509


Fredrik Eriksson

Phone: 23675

Email: fredrik.erikssonhtbibl.luse

Academic Advisor, Cognitive Science

Eva Sjöstrand

Wednesday 10-12 or by agreement

Phone: 046-222 0923

Email: studievagledarelucs.luse

Academic Advisor, Practical & Theoretical Philosophy

Ylva von Gerber

Time for receiving visitors: Wednesdays at 2-4 pm or by agreement. Room LUX:B525
Telephone: Thursdays at 2-3 pm.

Phone: 046-222 75 93

Email: studievagledarefil.luse

Head of Department

Tomas Persson

Assistant Head of Department for Research and Third Cycle Studies

Tobias Hansson Wahlberg

Phone: 046–222 36 94

E-mail: tobias.hansson_wahlbergfil.luse

Director of Studies

Martin Jönsson


Anna Cagnan Enhörning

Phone: 046–222 85 88

E-mail: anna.cagnan_enhorningfil.luse


Ingela Byström

Phone: 046–222 75 77

E-mail: ingela.bystromfil.luse


Anna Östberg

Phone: 046-222 75 90

E-mail: anna.ostbergfil.luse

Division coordinators

Do you have questions about our department's three divisions? Please contact:

Practical philosophy:

Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen

Theoretical philosophy:

Erik J. Olsson

Cognitive science:

Christian Balkenius

How to get here

The entrance to house B in LUX (the old Zoology department).