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I was awarded my Ph. D. in Theoretical Philosophy in October 2008 and became docent in September 2013. I mainly do research in the Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Cognitive Psychology. Research interests include semantic compositionality, semantic holism, semantic similarity and categorization.


Thesis projects


Books (1)
Editorships (1)
  • Jönsson, M. (2008). (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2008 Lund-Rutgers Conference. LPR : Lund philosophy reports, 2008:1.
Articles (13)
  • Jönsson, M. (accepted/in press). Linguistic Convergence in Verbs for Belief-forming Processes. Philosophical Psychology. Taylor & Francis.
  • Jönsson, M. (accepted/in press). Semantic Holism and Language Learning. Journal of Philosophical Logic. Springer.
  • Jönsson, M. & Assarsson, E. (accepted/in press). Shogenji's Measure of Justification and the Inverse Conjunction Fallacy. Synthese, 190, 3075-3085. Springer.
  • Jönsson, M. & Assarsson, E. (2016). A problem for confirmation theoretic accounts of the conjunction fallacy. Philosophical Studies, 173, 437-449. Springer Netherlands.
  • Jönsson, M. (2015). Overextension in Verb Conjunctions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 41, 1917-1922. American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Jönsson, M., Hahn, U. & Olsson, E. J. (2015). The Kind of Group You Want to Belong to : Effects of Group Structure on Group Accuracy. Cognition, 142, 191-204. Elsevier.
  • Jönsson, M. (2013). A Reliabilism Built on Cognitive Convergence: An Emperically Grounded Solution to the Generality Problem. Episteme, 10, 241-268. Edinburgh University Press.
  • Jönsson, M. & Hampton, J. (2012). The modifier effect in within-category induction: Default inheritance in complex noun phrases. Language and Cognitive Processes, 27, 90-116. Routledge.
  • Hampton, J. A., Passanisi, A. & Jönsson, M. (2011). The modifier effect and property mutability. Journal of Memory and Language, 64, 233-248. Elsevier.
  • Olsson, E. J. & Jönsson, M. (2011). Kinds of Learning and the Likelihood of Future True Beliefs: Reply to Jäger on Reliabilism and the Value Problem. Theoria, 77, 214-222. Thales.
  • Jönsson, M. & Hampton, J. (2008). On Prototypes as Defaults (Comment on Connolly, Fodor, Gleitman and Gleitman, 2007). Cognition, 106, 913-923. Elsevier.
  • Jönsson, M. & Hampton, J. A. (2006). The inverse conjunction fallacy. Journal of Memory and Language, 55, 317-334. Elsevier.
  • Jönsson, M. & Brinck, I. (2005). Compositionality and other issues in the philosophy of mind and language. Theoria, 71, 294-308. Thales.
Book chapters (1)
Conference contributions (1)
Reviews (1)
Articles in specialist publications and popular press (1)
  • Jönsson, M. (2007). Filosofisk Färdighet: Om nyttan med att studera filosofi. I & H : Insikt och handling : humanistiskt debattforum, 22, 11-33. Doxa.

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Martin Jönsson

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Department of Philosophy

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Department of Philosophy

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