Practical Philosophy

Practical philosophy can be defined as the study of the philosophical foundations of "practical thought", with a particular emphasis on values, attitudes to life and norms of behaviour. Lund’s practical philosophers have in recent years obtained external funding for a number of research projects, within various parts of the subject. The projects range over the following themes: philosophical theories of value, the concept of welfare, virtue and responsibility, practical rationality, theories of causation, collective action, the concept of intent, and dynamic decision-making. If one considers the research more generally within the subject at the department, there are five fields which currently attract the majority of research activities: moral philosophy, axiology (= theory of value), political philosophy, decision theory, philosophy of action and social ontology. The research has a strong international focus and individual research efforts have attracted international attention. The Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP) is a 10-year project, ending in 2025, directed by Professor Paul Russell. The project is based at the universities of Lund and Gothenburg. LGRP conducts research on moral responsibility and free will within the areas of action theory, normative ethics, metaethics and legal responsibility. In the research portal you find information about the research projects in practical philosophy.

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