Guidance and support

Student Health Centre

If you experience problems related to your study situation, you can always contact the Student Health Centre. It serves as a complement to the public healthcare clinics, but does not provide emergency care. All staff at the Student Health Centre have a duty of confidentiality. More information and contact details.  

Learning Support

Disability Support Services at LU offer learning support to students with disabilities. The office cooperates with the departments and relevant bodies to ensure that students with disabilities have the same opportunity as other students for quality education and a good study environment. More information and contact details. If you have reading difficulties and/or a visual impairment, the HT Libraries can providesupport in the form of adapted required reading such as talking books or Braille. You can alsoreceive an extension on borrowed library books. Book an appointment with a contact librarian at the HT Libraries who can help students with reading difficulties acquire a download account, which will enable you to download talking books from the Legimus directory. Read more about HT Librairies' reading and writing support. 

Academic Support Centre

If you want help with your study technique and academic writing, please contact the Academic Support Centre (ASC). The centre is open to all students enrolled at Lund University. Read more on ASC’s website.  

Careers Service

This service is aimed at students at the HT faculties in regard to contacts with working life during and after their studies. More information about careers and internships.

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