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Since 2014 I am acting chair in practical philosophy. My research mainly concerns the nature of value, valuing and reasons. Some recent work: ‘Fitting-attitude-analysisand the logical Consequence argument (Philosophical Quarterly 2018); ‘On-Conditionalism:On the Verge of a New Metaethical Theory’ (Dec-2017, Les Ateliers del'éthique); ‘Locating value in moral progress’(Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2017); ‘Good and Good-for’ (Encyclopediaarticle 2017), ‘Value taxonomy’ (co-author W. Rabinowicz, Handbook of Value, OUP 2016) and ‘Intrinsicand Extrinsic Value’, (Handbook of Value Theory, OUP 2015 ).In 2011 OUP published my book Personal Value. Elected member of Academia Europaea (2015). Co-editor for Ethical Theory and Moral Practice(2004-2010); member of Wiley-Blackwell's International Encyclopedia of Ethics's review board; member of four editorial boards.


About the research

In recent years my research has mainly concerned the nature of reasons, the distinction between good, simpliciter and good-for, personal values, and the particular pattern of value analysis known as fitting attitude analysis. Currently I am working on a new metaethical theory (On-Conditionalism). Presented "How to locate value in Moral progress" (Amsterdam); Good and Good-for-and the logical Consequence argument" (Aarhus, Geneve). Some other recent work: * "Locating Value in Moral Progress", Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.
* “Value Taxonomy”, invited chapter for Handbook of Value, eds. J. Deonna, T. Brosch and D. Sander to appear at Oxford University Press. (forthcoming 2015/16), co-author: W. Rabinowicz
* “Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value” invited paper for The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory OUP (2015), eds by I. Hirose and J. Olson.
* “Review of Julien A. Deonna, Raffaele Rodogno and Fabrice Teroni, In Defense of Shame: The Faces of an Emotion, in Dialectica 2014,
* “Motivation and Motivating Reason” (2013) in Svennerlind, Almäng, Ingthorsson (Eds.) Johanssonian Investigations, Ontos Verlag.
* “Good and Good For” (2013) in H. LaFollette (ed), International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Blackwell.
* “Fitting-attitude analyses: The Dual-Reason Analysis Revisited” Acta Analytica, 2012.
* "A Critical Précis of Mark Schroeder’s ‘The Ubiquity of State-Given Reasons’”, ETHICS/PEA Soup, 2012; co-author W.Rabinowicz.


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I became a member of Academia Europaea, Sep 2015 (

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