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PhD in Practical Philosophy 2008 based on a thesis about diffrent theories for assigning value and moral status to species.
Both research and teaching is primarily focused on applied ethics.
My resarch is in particular dealing with ethical issues concerning biodiversity, climate change and space exploration.
I am teaching environmental ethics, animal ethics, engineering ethics, healthcare ethics and space ethics.



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Persson, Erik (2006) What is Wrong with Extinction? – The Answer from Anthropocentric Instrumentalism.
Licentiate thesis Lund University

Persson, Erik (2008) What is Wrong with Extinction?
Doctorate thesis Lund University

Book Chapters:

Persson, Erik (2005) “Report from a Socratic Dialogue on the Concept of Risk” in Blennow, Kristina (ed.): Uncertainty and Active Risk management in Agriculture and Forestry. SLU

Persson, Erik: (2013) “Interplanetär etik” [Interplanetary ethics] in Dunér, David: Extrema världar – Extremt liv. Pufendorfinstitutet

Persson, Erik (2013) “Vad är Liv?” [What is Life?] in Dunér, David: Extrema världar – Extremt liv. Pufendorfinstitutet

Blennow, Kristina; Persson, Erik (2013) “Societal Impacts of Storm Damage” in Gardiner, Barry; Schuck, Andreas; Schelhaas, Mart-Jan; Orazio, Christophe; Blennow, Kristina; Nicoll, Bruce (eds.): Living with Storm Damage to Forests What Science Can Tell Us 3. European Forest Institute

Persson, Erik (2013) “Philosophical aspects of astrobiology” in Dunér, David; Pathermore, Joel; Persson, Erik; Holmberg, Gustav (eds.): The History and Philosophy of Astrobiology. Cambridge Scholars

Journal articles:

Aronsson, Mora; Black-Samuelsson, Sanna; Edqvist, Margareta; Persson, Erik; Ståhlberg, David; Weibull, Jens (2012) “Kulturväxtsläktingar – något att bry sig om” [Crop wild relatives – something to care about] Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift 106:309-318

Persson, Erik (2012) “The Moral Status of Extraterrestrial Life” Astrobiology 12:976-984

Solberg, Svein Øivind; Breian, Line; Ansebo, Lena; Persson, Erik (2013) “Cultural relict plants - a living heritage” Nordisk Museologi 1:24-35

Blennow, Kristina; Persson, Johannes; Wallin, Annika; Vareman, Niklas; Persson, Erik (2014) Understanding risk in forest ecosystem services: implications for effective risk management, communication and planning Forestry 87:219-228. doi: ll10.1093/forestry/cpt032

Blennow, Kristina; Persson, Erik; Lindner, Marcus; Pacheco Faias, Sònia; Hanewinkel Marc (2014) Forest owner motivations and attitudes towards supplying biomass for energy in Europe Biomass and Bioenergy 67:223-230

Persson, Erik (2014) What does it take to establish that a world is uninhabited prior to
exploitation? – A question of ethics as well as science Challenges 5:224-238

Book review:

Persson, Erik (2007) “Precautionary politics – principle and practice in confronting environmental risk” Philosophy of Risk Newsletter 8 (1)


Persson, Erik (2010) Land use, Climate Change and Biodiversity. NordGen 2010

Persson, Erik (2011) Genetisk mångfald – en nyckel till motverkan av och anpassning till klimatförändringar [Genetic diversity – a key to climate change mitigation and adaptation]. NordGen

Persson, Erik; Norman, Johan; Götz, Stefan; Pacheco Faias, Sónia; Hanewinkel, Marc; Tomé, Margarida; Blennow, Kristina (2011) A report on stakeholder approaches to and views on ways and options for handling uncertainty and change. FP 7 Project no. 225644 MOTIVE Models for Adaptive Forest Management

Brånhult, Anna; Nord, Jenny; Persson, Erik; Emanuelsson, Urban (2013) Kartanalys för Sydsveriges agrara landskap - Metodstudie om den genetiska mångfalden och det genetiska kulturarvet i dagens landskap. Rapport från projektet Genetisk variation som kulturarv i Sydsveriges agrara landskap (GRAAL). Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Fakulteten för landskapsplanering, trädgårds- och jordbruksvetenskap.


Dunér, David; Parthermore, Joel; Persson, Erik; Holmberg, Gustav (eds.): The History
and Philosophy of Astrobiology Cambridge Scholars 2013

Erik Persson

Practical Philosophy
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