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MSc, Business Administration and Economics, International Business Programme
I have worked with EU funding since 1997 and since 2008 with project management in several EU projects at Lund University. During this period I have also worked as a research adviser at the Research Service Office at Lund University.

I currently hold two positions:

Project Manager in a multidisciplinary research environment financed by a Linnaeus grant from the Swedish Research Council; Thinking in Time - Cognition, Communication and Learning at the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Theology, Lund University


Research administrator in a research group at the Department of Experimental Medical Science at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University



Articles (2)
  • Ambagtsheer, F., Gunnarson, M., Lundin, S., de Jong, J., Byström, I. & Weimar, W. (2014). The criminal patient?: A systematic review on patients' involvement in the human organ trade. Transplant Immunology, 31, 254-255. Elsevier.
  • Ambagtsheer, F., Pascalev, A., de Jong, J., Lundin, S., Ivanovski, N., Codreanu, N., Gunnarson, M., Jankov, J., Frunza, M., Byström, I., Bos, M. & Weimar, W. (2014). Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal: A comprehensive literature review. Transplant Immunology, 31, 254-254. Elsevier.
Book chapters (3)
Reports (2)
  • Frederike, A., Gunnarson, M., Jessica, D. J., Lundin, S., Linde, v. B., Zvika, O., Byström, I. & Willem, W. (2014). Trafficking in human Beings for the Purpose or Organ Removal : A Case Study Report., 3.
  • Frederike, A., Gunnarson, M., Linde, v. B., Ninoslav, I., Lundin, S., Byström, I. & Willem, W. (2014). Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal : Organ recipients who paid for kidney transplantation abroad. A report., 2.

Ingela Byström

Project Manager, Purchasing Coordinator
Department of Philosophy

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