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I'm interested in how people make their everyday decisions. I'm currently investigating how consumers make decisions in the supermarket and how they deal with the large amount of options they are confronted with. The supermarket is an interesting environment since it is familiar to all people and
where we are accustomed to make decisions. In my research I want to discern the different strategies consumers use when making decisions in the supermarket and how factors in the environment influence the choice of strategy.



Books (1)
  • Gidlöf, K. (2014). Visual attention during decision-making in natural environments. Lund University Cognitive Science, 159. Dissertation.
Articles (6)
  • Pärnamets, P., Johansson, R., Gidlöf, K. & Wallin, A. (2016). How information availability interacts with visual attention during judgment and decision tasks. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29, 218-231. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Gidlöf, K., Wallin, A., Dewhurst, R. & Holmqvist, K. (2013). Using eye-tracking to trace a cognitive process: Gaze behavior during decision making in a natural environment. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 6, 3-14. European Group for Eye Movement Research.
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Conference contributions (6)

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Kerstin Gidlöf

Cognitive Science
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