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I'm a PhD student with the Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP) at Lund University since the autumn semester 2019. My primary interests are free will, shared and collective responsibility, responsibility and causation, and moral luck, but various questions within meta-ethics and political philosophy usually attract my attention as well.

My Master's thesis was on "the manipulation argument", where I argued for a novel compatibilist response—a "softer hard compatibilism". According to my proposal, the manipulated agent is responsible for the relevant outcome of the manipulation, though less responsible than the non-manipulated, normal agent would have been for the same outcome; this is because the manipulator and the manipulated share responsibility, so that the latter's causal proportion with respect to the outcome is diluted, and the agent is therefore less responsible than the agent who bears sole responsibility.


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Anton Emilsson

Doctoral Student
Practical Philosophy
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