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Articles (6)
  • Johansson, P., Hall, L., Tärning, B., Sikström, S. & Chater, N. (2014). Choice Blindness and Preference Change: You Will Like This Paper Better If You (Believe You) Chose to Read It!. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 281-289. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Hall, L., Strandberg, T., Pärnamets, P., Lind, A., Tärning, B. & Johansson, P. (2013). How the polls can be both spot on and dead wrong: using choice blindness to shift political attitudes and voter intentions. PLoS ONE, 8. Public Library of Science.
  • Hall, L., Johansson, P., Tärning, B., Sikström, S. & Deutgen, T. (2010). Magic at the marketplace: Choice blindness for the taste of jam and the smell of tea. Cognition, 117, 54-61. Elsevier.
  • Gulz, A., Haake, M. & Tärning, B. (2008). Visual Gender and Its Motivational and Cognitive Effects – a User Study. Lund University Cognitive Studies, 137. Lund University Cognitive Studies.
  • Hall, L., Johansson, P., Sikström, S., Tärning, B. & Lind, A. (2006). Reply to commentary by Moore and Haggard. Consciousness and Cognition, 15, 697-699. Elsevier.
  • Johansson, P., Hall, L., Sikström, S., Tärning, B. & Lind, A. (2006). How something can be said about telling more than we can know: On choice blindness and introspection. Consciousness and Cognition, 15, 673-692. Elsevier.
Book chapters (1)
  • Kirkegaard, C., Tärning, B., Haake, M., Gulz, A. & Silvervarg, A. (2014). Ascribed Gender and Characteristics of a Visually Androgynous Teachable Agent. In Bickmore, T., Marsella, S. & Sidner, C. (Eds.) (pp. 232-235), 8637. Springer.
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