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As a teacher I have dealt with most subjects within practical philosophy: Ethics, metaethics, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, aesthetics, and philosophical methods. I have also been teaching in theoretical philosophy, and on various courses in applied and professional ethics for nurses, engineers, university teachers and other professions.

My research interests are mainly within the intersection between philosophy of action and moral philosophy.

Associate editor Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2009 - 2016.

Head of Department 2008 - 2014.


About the research

Björn Petersson's research concerns moral philosophy and philosophy of action, in recent years with a focus on the nature of collective intentions and actions as well as the implications of such analyses for distribution of moral responsibility.


Books (2)
Editorships (2)
Articles (10)
  • Petersson, B. (2014). Bratman, Searle, and Simplicity : Comments on Bratman, Shared Agency, Planning Theory of Acting Together. Journal of Social Ontology (JSO), 1. De Gruyter.
  • Petersson, B. (2013). Co-responsibility and Causal Involvement. Philosophia, 41, 847-866. Springer.
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  • Petersson, B. (2001). 1:st person impressions of akrasia: Troubleshooting (2001-06-01). Preprint without journal information. Manne Siegbahn Institute.
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  • Petersson, B. (1993). Hjärnklyvning - ett tveeggat argument. Filosofisk tidskrift, 1993. Thales.
Book chapters (4)
Reports (2)
  • Petersson, B. (1984). Four Types of Altruism. Studies in Philosophy. Lund University.
  • Petersson, B. (1982). Några värdepåståenden om musik. Studies in Philosophy. Lund University.
Reviews (1)
  • Petersson, B. (1992). Review of Justin Gosling: Weakness of the Will. Mind, LVIII, 219-223. Oxford University Press.
Articles in specialist publications and popular press (2)
Newspaper articles (1)
  • Petersson, B. (2007). Intervju om filosofi. Sydsvenska Dagbladet. Sydsvenska Dagbladet.
Supervision at Lund University (1)
  • Felix, C. V. (2015). Slips, Thoughts and Actions. Lund University. Dissertation.

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Björn Petersson

Reader, Senior Lecturer
Practical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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E-mail bjorn.peterssonfil.luse

Phone +46 46 222 36 76

Mobile +46 70 290 09 66

Room LUX:B515

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