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Master in Cognitive Science, M.Sc. in Psychology, B.A. in Film studies and Dutch.

I am presently employed as a Ph.D. student at LUCS, within the project "Digital Dialogues", financed by the Swedish Knowledge foundation. The overall aim of the project is to explore dialogues between young people and digital characters, with regard to the importance of the interaction for motivation, engagement and performance in learning contexts. I am involved in the development of a so-called "Teachable Agent", a virtual character employed in a learning game in mathematics for children. Some present research questions include how learning can be improved by a "learning-by-teaching"-approach, using both task-oriented and social dialogue with the agent. My specific interests regard 'automatic' effects on learning performance, which may find explanations in e.g. unconscious social cognition of stereotypes and the positioning of the player as a "teacher" rather than a "pupil".



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Björn Sjödén

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