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(formerly Frida Mårtensson)

I hold a Ph.D in general linguistics. My main research interest is semantic relations in the mental lexicon and their underlying neurophysiological processes. Among other things, I have studied how words differing in concreteness are affected by aphasia and investigated variations in brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG).


About the research

I am a researcher in general linguistics. I recieved my PhD degree from Lund University in 2016. In my PhD thesis, I investigated aspects of the mental lexicon from a neurolinguistic perspective, with a focus on nouns with varying degrees of abstractness. The thesis work built on previous research, mainly within the fields of psychology and cognitive science, showing differences in how the brain processes concrete words such as ’orange’, abstract words such as ’idea’ and emotional words such as 'happiness'. For example, these word categories activate partly different neural networks in the brain, and concrete words are normally easier to process than abstract words, a fact which has been suggested to be the result of concrete words’ close relationship to sensory information. However, the knowledge about how these word types are organised in the mental lexicon is still limited. Within my thesis project, behavioural and neurophysiological experiments were carried out in order to gain insights into the interaction of sensorimotor, emotional and linguistic information in word processing. The thesis also investigated another aspect of concreteness; lexical specificity, showing differences in the neurocognitive processing of specific nouns such as 'squirrel' and general nouns such as 'animal'.


Books (1)
Articles (5)
  • Blomberg, F. & Öberg, C. (2015). Swedish and English word ratings of imageability, familiarity and age of acquisition are highly correlated. Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 38, 351-364. Cambridge University Press.
  • Blomberg, F., Roll, M., Lindgren, M., Brännström, J. & Horne, M. (2015). Emotional arousal and lexical specificity modulate response times differently depending on ear of presentation in a dichotic listening task. The Mental Lexicon, 10, 221-246. John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  • Mårtensson, F., Roll, M., Lindgren, M., Apt, P. & Horne, M. (2014). Sensory-specific anomic aphasia following left occipital lesions: Data from free oral descriptions of concrete word meanings. Neurocase, 20, 192-207. Taylor & Francis.
  • Roll, M., Mårtensson, F., Sikström, S., Apt, P., Bååth, R. & Horne, M. (2012). Atypical associations to abstract words in Broca's aphasia. Cortex, 48, 1068-1072. Elsevier.
  • Mårtensson, F., Roll, M., Apt, P. & Horne, M. (2011). Modeling the meaning of words: Neural correlates of abstract and concrete noun processing. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, 71, 455-478. Polish Neuroscience Society - PTBUN, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology.
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Frida Blomberg

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