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My research is interdisciplinary at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and linguistics/gesture studies and concerns foundational issues about cognition and communication from a philosophical, developmental, and evolutionary perspective. I conceive of cognition and communication as embodied and embedded dynamic processes within a larger ecological framework. Publications mainly in psychology, philosophy and cognitive science, centred along three parallel lines of research: (1) social cognition, cooperation, coordination, social norms, intersubjectivity, and joint action; (2) multimodal communication and verbal reference, indexicality, pointing, gaze, and joint attention; (3) creativity, situated meta-cognition and meta-attention, self- and other-awareness, improvisation, and expert skill.  On-going work on second-person engagement in infancy; Human-Robot Interaction; material engagement and aesthetic experience in the arts and crafts practices; joint improvisation; togetherness and the We; sensorimotor interaction, pre-reflective cognition, and dialogue; change-blindness.


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Ingar Brinck

Theoretical Philosophy
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