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Researcher in practical philosophy. Dissertation on Kantian ethics. Currently working on some issues in value theory, especially organic unities and the relation between values and reasons. Main interest lies in moral philosophy, particularly ethical theory and with a leaning towards political philosophy and the history of philosophy, primarily the period ranging from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century.


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Books (1)
Articles (12)
  • Sahlin, N.-E. & Brännmark, J. (accepted/in press). How can we be moral when we are so irrational?. Logique et Analyse, 221, 101-126. Centre national belge de recherche de logique.
  • Brännmark, J. & Sahlin, N.-E. (2010). Ethical theory and the philosophy of risk: first thoughts. Journal of Risk Research, 13, 149-161. Routledge.
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Book chapters (7)
  • Brännmark, J. (2008). Risktagande och skyldigheter mot framtida generationer. In Persson, J. & Sahlin, N.-E. (Eds.) (pp. 147-165). Bokförlaget Nya Doxa.
  • Brännmark, J. (2006). Leading a Life of One’s Own: On Well-Being and Narrative Autonomy. In Olsaretti, S. (Ed.) (pp. 65-82), 59. Cambridge University Press.
  • Brännmark, J. (2006). Like the Bloom on Youths: How Pleasure completes our Lives. Oxford University Press.
  • Brännmark, J. (2004). Commentary to Transforming Incentives [paper by Barbara Herman]. Thales.
  • Brännmark, J. (2004). Three Kinds of Organic Unity. Lund University, Dept of Philosophy.
  • Brännmark, J. (2004). Three Kinds of Organic Unity.
  • Brännmark, J. (2003). Passing the Buck: On Reasons and Values.
Reviews (2)
  • Brännmark, J. (2009). The Constitution of Agency: Essays on Practical Reason and Moral Psychology. Theoria, 75, 358-361. Thales.
  • Brännmark, J. (2008). Moral repair: Reconstructing moral relations after wrongdoing. Theoria, 74, 169-172. Thales.
Supervision at Lund University (1)
  • Brandstedt, E. (2013). The Construction of a Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change. Lund University (Media-Tryck). Dissertation.

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Johan Brännmark

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Practical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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