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I received my PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2013, where I wrote a thesis on joint action and social cognition. My interests are primarily in the philosophy of action, moral psychology and moral responsibility, social ontology and collective intentionality (including shared and collective moral responsibility). Since September 1, I am working at the University of Gothenburg within the Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP).

I have an MSc in Cognitive Science and an MA in Practical Philosophy from Linköping University.


About the research

Past teaching experience at the University of Copenhagen and elsewhere:

  1. Lecturer (and course co-organizer): Collectivity and Responsibility, National graduate course in philosophy, Spring 2018.
  2. Lecturer (and course organizer): Cognition and Communication (for Cognitive Science Master students), Lund University, Spring 2018.
    Five two-hour lectures/seminars on: ‘Individual cognition/cognitivism’, ‘Embodied, embedded, distributed’, ‘Social constructivism’, ‘Interactionalism’, ‘Joint action’.
  3. Lecturer: Philosophy from 1900 (for first-year theoretical philosophy students), Lund University, Spring 2018.
    One two-hour seminar and seven two-hour lectures on: ‘Husserl’s Logical Investigations’, ’Husserl’s Ideas’, ’Heidegger and phenomenology’, ’de Beauvoir’, ’Gadamer’, ’Derrida’ and ’Davidson’.
  4. Lecturer (and course organizer): Social Cognition, University of Copenhagen, Autumn 2016.
    Fourteen three-hour classes on: ‘Introduction: Communication, Cooperation and Mindreading’, ‘Meaning and Communicative Intentions’, ‘Common Knowledge’, ‘Joint Intentional Activity’, ‘Implicature’, ‘Understanding in Communication’, ‘Turn-Taking in Conversation’, ‘Deflationary Views: Egocentrism and Automatic Alignment’, ‘Intentional Communication and Cognitive Sophistication’, ‘Essay Writing’, ‘Intentions in the Study of Conversation’, ‘Conversations Across Cultures’, ‘Game Theory, Coordination and Politeness’, and ‘Mindreading and Interaction’.
  5. Lecturer: Self, Agency and Will, University of Edinburgh, Autumn 2011. Four two-hour lectures given on ‘Illusion of Conscious Will’, ‘Phenomenology of Agency’, ‘Shared Intention and Joint Action’, and ‘Sense of Joint Agency’.
  6. Tutor: Logic, University of Edinburgh, Spring 2010, 3 h/week. Topics covered: Propositional logic and predicate logic (through exercises and discussions of solutions, typically using the semantic tableaux method).
  7. Tutor: Mind, Matter & Language, University of Edinburgh, Autumn 2009, 3 h/week. Topics covered: Dualism, Behaviourism, Identity theory, Functionalism, Instrumentalism, The Knowledge Argument, Zombies, Embodied Consciousness, Sense and Reference, Rigid Designators.
  8. Tutor: Philosophy of Science, University of Edinburgh, Spring 2009, 2 h/week. Topics covered: Logical positivism, The problem of induction, Falsificationism, Quine’s “Two Dogmas of Empiricism”, Scientific revolutions and theory change, Theory-ladenness of observation, The Strong Programme.
  9. Tutor: Technology and Ethics, Linköping University, Sweden, Autumn 2003. I tutored several groups, amounting to a total work time of 14 hours. Topics covered: Critical thinking and argumentation analysis (using case studies related to environmental ethics and bioethics).


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