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I was born in 1982 and - having studied comparative literature (BA), the history of ideas (MA) and theoretical philosophy (MA) - I am currently a half-time PhD student in theoretical philosophy since September 2011.

I mainly work in the philosophy of mind and language. It is characteristic of my approach that I take the latter to constitute a branch of the former, that I believe that philosophy and psychology should return to a scientific study of consciousness and that phenomenological philosophy - conceived of as introspective psychology - can be of assistance to us there. To me a specific theory about the structure of consciousness as accommodating a nonphenomenal depth motivates these views. In my thesis I will offer an extensive and original defense of this theory and a set of innovative applications of it, among other things to the theory of meaning.

Other interests include the history of philosophy, the philosophy of science, metaphysics and Edmund Husserl's philosophy.


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Oscar Ralsmark

Doctoral Student
Theoretical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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