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I’m a phd student at Lund University Cognitive Science in Sweden. My research interests are motor learning, action representation and cognitive robotics. I’m also interested in computational semantics and language learning.

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Books (1)
  • Bååth, R. (2015). An Investigation into the Perception and Production of Slow Rhythms. Lund University Cognitive Studies, 163. Dissertation.
Articles (11)
  • Hansson, K., Bååth, R., Löhndorf, S., Sahlén, B. & Sikström, S. (2016). Quantifying Semantic Linguistic Maturity in Children. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 45, 1183-1199. Springer.
  • Sauciuc, G.-A., Persson, T., Bååth, R., Bobrowicz, K. & Osvath, M. (2016). Affective forecasting in an orangutan : predicting the hedonic outcome of novel juice mixes. Animal Cognition, 19, 1081-1092. Springer.
  • Bååth, R. (2015). Estimating the distribution of sensorimotor synchronization data : A Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach. Behavior Research Methods. The Psychonomic Society.
  • Dahlman, C., Sarwar, F., Bååth, R., Wahlberg, L. & Sikström, S. (2015). Prototype effect and the persuasiveness of generalizations. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 7, 163-180. Springer Netherlands.
  • Seddigh, A., Stenfors, C., Berntson, E., Bååth, R., Sikström, S. & Westerlund, H. (2015). The association between office design and performance on demanding cognitive tasks. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 42, 172-181. Elsevier.
  • Bååth, R., Lagerstedt, E. & Gärdenfors, P. (2014). A prototype based resonance model of rhythm categorization. i-Perception, 5, 548-558. Pion Ltd.
  • Bååth, R., Seno, T. & Kitaoka, A. (2014). Cats and Illusory Motion. Psychology, 5, 1131-1134. Scientific Research.
  • Osvath, M., Osvath, H. & Bååth, R. (2014). An Exploration of Play Behaviors in Raven Nestlings. Animal behavior and cognition, 1, 157-165. Sciknow Publications Ltd..
  • Andersson, R., Bååth, R. & Sikström, S. (2012). Visually mediated valence effects in dialogue: an explorative study. Lund University Cognitive Studies, 151, 1-16. Lund University Cognitive Studies.
  • Bååth, R. (2012). The State of Naming Conventions in R. The R Journal, 4, 74-75. R Foundation for Statistical Computing.
  • Roll, M., Mårtensson, F., Sikström, S., Apt, P., Bååth, R. & Horne, M. (2012). Atypical associations to abstract words in Broca's aphasia. Cortex, 48, 1068-1072. Elsevier.
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Rasmus Bååth

Cognitive Science
Department of Philosophy

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E-mail rasmus.baathlucs.luse

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