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I am Senior Professor of practical philosophy at Lund university. After my studies in Warsaw were prematurely terminated by the student rebellion 1968, I moved to Uppsala. There, I got my Ph.D. in 1979 and stayed on until 1995 as associate professor. I was the acting chair of practical philosophy 1987-89, head of department 1988-93, and one of the directors of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) 1994-95.
In 1995 I was appointed to the chair of practical philosophy in Lund.
During my years in Lund and uppsala, I have had a good fortune to supervise about fifteen doctoral students and to do research together with many of my philosopher friends, in Sweden and abroad. My current research focuses on value theory (esp. formal axiology), moral philosophy (consequentialism, population ethics) and decision theory (esp. dynamic decision making).

I am a co-editor of Theoria and Honorary Professor at the University of York and the Australian National University in Canberra


About the research

Selected publications:
-"Buck-Passing and the Right Kind of Reasons", with T. Rønnow-Rasmussen, Philosophical Quarterly 2006
-"Democratic Answers to Complex Questions - An Epistemic Perspective", with L. Bovens, Synthese 2006
“Pragmatic Arguments for Rationality Constraints”, in Galavotti, Scazzieri & Suppes (eds), Reasoning, Rationality and Probability, Stanford: CSLI Publications 2008
-"Value Relations", Theoria 2008
-"Incommensurability and Vagueness", Proc. of Aristotelian Soc., Suppl. Vol. 2009
-"Preference Utilitarianism by Way of Preference Change?", in Grüne-Yanoff & Hansson (eds.), Preference Change, Springer 2009
-"The Puzzle of the Hats", with Bovens,Synthese 2009.
-"Broome and the Intuition of Neutrality", Philosophical Issues 2009
-"Analyticity and Possible Worlds", Erkenntnis 2010
-"Better to Be than Not to Be?", with Arrhenius, in Joas & Klein (eds.), The Benefit of Broad Horizons, Brill 2010
-"Value Relations Revisited", Economics and Philosophy 2012
University Press: Oxford, 2015, 225-248.
-"Interference Problem for the Betting Interpretation of Degrees of Belief", with L. Eriksson, Synthese 2013.
-"Safeguards of a Disunified Mind", Inquiry 2014.
-"Two Intuitions About Free Will: Alternative Possibilities and Intentional Endorsement”, with C. List, Philosophical Perspectives 2014.
-"Value Superiority", with Arrhenius, in Hirose & Olson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory, OUP 2015.
-"The Value of Existence", with Arrhenius, ibid.


Books (2)
Editorships (6)
Articles (45)
Book chapters (32)
Encyclopaedia entries (1)
Conference contributions (5)
Reports (1)
Articles in specialist publications and popular press (3)
Supervision at Lund University (4)

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Other tasks and qualifications

Current research projects (member):
Lund-Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP)
Climate Ethics and Future Gnerations (at the Institute of Future's Studies, Stockholm)

Previous assignments:
Long-tern fellow at SCAS in Uppsala 2005-19.
Cantennial Professor at London School of Economics, 2013-16.
Editor-in-chief of Theoria, 1996-99.
Co-editor of Economics and Philosophy, 1997 - 2002.
Co-editor of Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2013-16.
President of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, 1999 - 2002.
Chairman of the Swedish Philosophical Society, 2007-9.
Chairman of the Schock Prize Committee for Logic and Philosophy at the Royal Academy of Sciences, 2009-14.

Research grants:
Tercentenary Foundation of the Bank of Sweden, 1999-2003, 2003-2007. Swedish Research Council 2007-2012.

Visiting research positions:
Leibniz professor, Leipzig 2000
adjunct professor at the Research School for Social Sciences (RSSS) in Canberra 2003-7
visiting fellow at All Souls, Oxford 2007, at SCAS 1994, 2004, 2008, 2011,2014, at the University College, Oxford, 2013, at London School of Economics 2014, 2015, 2016,at RSSS 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
Centenary Fellow of Scots Philosophical Association 2013
visiting fellow of the Franco-Swedish Programme in Economics and Philosophy in Paris 2013, 2014


"Odds and Ends: Philosophical essays Dedicated to Wlodek Rabinowicz", ed. by S. Lindström, R. Sliwinski and J. Österberg, Uppsala Philosophical Studies 45, Uppsala 1996;

"Hommage à Wlodek: 60 Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Wlodek Rabinowicz", ed. by T. Rønnow-Rasmussen, B. Petersson, J. Josefsson and D. Egonsson, Lund 2007,

Learned societies:
Institut International de Philosophie,
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities,
Academia Europea,
The Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences in Uppsala,
The Scientific Society in Lund,
The Royal Scientific Society of Letters in Lund,
The Tampere Club.

Wlodek Rabinowicz

Professor Emeritus, Post Retirement Professor
Practical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

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