G.I.R.L. 12

19-21 APRIL 2012

GIRL'12@LUND, 1ST CONFERENCE ON GAMES, INTERACTIVE RATIONALITY AND LEARNING Introduction Formal philosophy relies increasingly on simulations, and sometimes on empirical test, coming closer to both computer-, cognitive- and social sciences. Some examples are learning-theoretic models of inquiry, network theory-based approaches in social epistemology, and game-theoretic evolutionary approaches of communication. The aim of the G.I.R.L.'12 Conference is to bring together researchers in philosophy, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, to investigate new areas where the game- and learning-theoretic simulation approaches can lead to fruitful results. A central topic is interactive rationality, or rational behavior that emerges from interaction. Unlike “rational interaction”—its much better known sister—it does not presuppose agents to be rational to begin with. Examples are given by evolutionary game-theory, which studies rational (equilibrium-reaching) behavior emerging from interaction of non-reflective agents; or learning-theoretic models of inquiry showing how inquiry can solve inductive problems, while substituting truth-tracking efficiency to reflexive justification. Contributions We welcome submissions of either already published research, or original material, primarily on the following topics: Relations between “ecological rationality” of choice and inference heuristics, and choice-, decision- and game-theoretic axiomatic approaches to rationality; Models of signaling games, evolutionary games, or games with bounded agents; Learning-theoretic approaches of inquiry, knowledge acquisition and reasoning; Simulation-based approaches of group learning and decision-making in networks. Organizers Emmanuel Genot (Lund, Theoretical Philosophy) Justine Jacot (Lund, Theoretical Philosophy) Philip Pärnamets (Lund, Cognitive Science) ContactsEmmanuel.Genotfil.luseJustine.Jacotfil.lusePhilip.Parnametslucs.luseSponsors:The Department of Philosophy (Lund University)Center for Formal Epistemology (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
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