Philosophy and Computation

MAY 12-13, 2012




The workshop "Philosophy and Computation" aims to be a platform for various discussions concerning the use of computability in philosophy (for example, how computational complexity constraints can contribute to explain human understanding) and also questions concerning the philosophical investigation of computation (like questions related to Church-Turing thesis). The workshop is an official event of the celebration of Turing’s Centenary. More information about the celebrations can be found at the following website: The main objective of the workshop is to gather international specialists, philosophers, cognitive scientists and computer scientists, who will be given an opportunity to present their research and time to discuss important topics related to philosophy and computation. In addition, there are four slots for contributed papers.


Patrick Blackburn (Roskilde) Title: Classical planning and causal implicatures (Abstract) Walter Dean (Warwick) Title: Algorithms, feasibility, and models of computation (Abstract) Leon Horsten (Bristol) Title: Computation and the natural number structure (Abstract) Marcin Mostowski (Warsaw) Title: Mathematics without actual infinity (Abstract) Gualtiero Piccinini (Missouri) Title: Neural Computation and the Computational Theory of Cognition (Abstract) Oron Shagrir (Jerusalem) Title: Who is the human computer? (Abstract) Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh) Title: Making friends with representationalism about computation (Abstract) Raymond Turner (Essex) Title: Philosophy of computer science (Abstract) Konrad Zdanowski (Warsaw) Title: On computational properties of notation systems


Marianna Antonutti (Bristol) Title: Incompleteness, Church’s Thesis, and Mathematical Knowledge (Abstract) Benedict Eastaugh (Bristol) Title: Shore’s computational reverse mathematics (Abstract) Florent Franchette (Paris 1) Title: Oracle Turing machines faced with the verification problem (Abstract) Michael Gabbay (London) Title: A proof theoretic foundation for computation with applications to Church's thesis, algorithm identity and computationalist theories of mind (Abstract) Sam Sanders (Ghent) Title: Computation in and about physics and mathematics (Abstract)


The workshop will be visible in the real time online (although without any possibility of oral question asking). If you want to join, please click on the link below (you can freely connect and disconnect whenever you want) and install the Adobe Connect plugin to your computer. Provide your name and sign on as a guest. There will be no continuous monitoring of the questions asked through the chat, but feel free to ask questions in the chat plugin during the workshop.



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