VR Laboratoriet

Introduction to the Cognition & Philosophy VR Lab

The VR lab and its equipment is a resource available for all researchers at the dept. of Philosophy, as well as students under their supervision.

The equipment and software available include:

  • High-end VR headsets with integrated eye-tracking
  • VR capable PCs
  • SteamVR tracking system, controllers and other peripherals
  • Pucks with attachments and straps that can be used for real-time tracking and capture of 6 DoF movement (3D position and orientation)
  • Data gloves with haptic- and force- feedback
  • Unity 3D (game engine with broad VR support)
  • Software for 3D movement recording and animation
  • Portable and standalone VR kits
  • Hygiene articles (antiseptic wipes, face masks, latex gloves)

Contact jens.nirmelucs.luse for a guided introduction to the lab, read the lab guidelines and sign a user agreement before starting a project. Note that the lab is not staffed, and some programming competence in the project team is necessary to prepare a VR experiment.

The lab is located in room B014, in the basement of building B. (Where the ping-pong table used to be.) It may be booked as any other room via the HT online booking system (Log in to the intranet).

  • There is no set limit on number or duration of bookings. However, please coordinate with other lab users before making extensive bookings
  • It is permitted to use the room on a “drop-in” basis when vacant and not booked
  • Data collection takes precedence over development, training or testing. Again, please coordinate with other users. There is equipment available to borrow from the lab if needed
  • Common sense: Leave the room and equipment as you found it, and keep it and the PC hard drive tidy.
  • IMPORTANT (on order from HT-IT): Do not leave experimental data on the harddrive of the PC in the lab. Bring a USB stick!
  • Never wipe the lenses of the VR headset with any rubbing alcohol / wipes / etc. This will corrode them!
  • Remember to lock the door when leaving, which has to be done by actively turning the knob from the outside.

Equipment can be borrowed from the lab.

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