Value, Morality and Social Reality

A symposium dedicated to Dan Egonsson, Björn Petersson & Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen

When: 31 March, 2023            
Where: C126, B336, LUX building, Lund University

Dan Egonsson, Björn Petersson, and Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen have been pillars in the Swedish philosophical community for over three decades and have made important contributions to its work in moral philosophy. They have done so not only through their internationally renowned research about value, morality, and social reality but also through their teaching and efforts to guide the next generations of practical philosophers at Lund University. Using the excuse that two of them are now in various stages of retirement and that all are approaching their 67th birthdays, we have put together this symposium to express our gratitude and pay tribute to their work. But the symposium is just the cherry on the cake. The symposium is also a release party for a festschrift in their honor, with more than thirty contributions from as many scholars. 


10.45 Welcome (C126)
11.00 Rock-bottom reasons. Cathrine V. Felix, Inland Norway University of Applied Science (C126)
11.30 Preference, Information, and the Problem of Big Decisions. Johan Brännmark, Malmö University (C126)
12.00 Lunch (at Valvet)
13.30 Causation, responsibility, and norms: Re-evaluating our norms in the face of climate change. Caroline Torpe Touborg (B336)
14.00 Team reasoning, mode, and content. Olle Blomberg, Gothenburg University (B336)
14.30 Fika
15.00 Do We Have Obligations to Collectives? András Szigeti, Linköping University (B336)
15.30 Goodness and Numbers. Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund University (B336)
16.00 End of workshop
18.00 Dinner (at New Delhi).

Organisers: Andrés G. Garcia, Mattias Gunnemyr and Jakob Werkmäster

Sidansvarig: anna.ostbergfil.luse | 2023-03-31