Workshop on the Philosophy of Information and Information Quality

Friday May 10, 2013, Kungshuset, Lundgård 9.40 am to 5 pm, Room 318


All welcome! However, to join us for lunch and dinner, please sign up here.


This workshop is held as part a recently launched multi-year project of the "Lund University Knowledge and Information Quality Research Group (LU-IQ)." The workshop addresses all aspects of the Philosophy of Information and Information Quality. Learn more about the LU-IQ group. Immediately following this event is a workshop on Intensionality in Mathematics (Saturday and Sunday, May 11-12).

Invited Speakers

  • Kevin Korb
    Monash University, Australia (Webpage)
    Causality and Information
  • Luciano Floridi
    University of Hertfordshire, UK (Webpage)
    The Informational Nature of Maker's Knowledge
  • Phyllis Illari
    University College London, UK (Webpage)
    The Challenges of Information Quality
  • David Ellerman
    UC San Diego, USA (Webpage)
    Information as Distinctions: New Foundations for Information Theory
  • Tomoji Shogenji
    Rhode Island College, Providence, USA (Webpage)
    Measuring the Quality of Information

Call for Papers (CLOSED)

There are two slots for contributed papers. Please submit your abstract (max. 2000 words), prepared for blind review, to by Monday MARCH 11 (Lund time). Travel cost, hotel, and board covered/subsidized. Budgetary approval pending, speakers may participate in both workshops, or parts thereof (see above).


Principal Investigators


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