Pufendorf Lecture 2020: Daniel C Dennett

Publicerad den 8 januari 2021
Daniel Dennett

The Department of Philosophy and Lund University Cognitive Science are happy to announce that an unbroken line of Pufendorf laureates in times of cancelled events has been secured. An open Zoom lecture will be given by Daniel C. Dennett as the Pufendorf laureate of 2020, on January 20th (2021) at 15.00. The title of the talk is: “Consciousness and varieties of privileged access”

Read more about Pufendorf Lectures and see previous talks here.

You are welcome to join on the 20th by going to https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/ and enter the meeting ID in the link below. Or contact Tomas Persson to get the link.