What can we learn from animals?

Publicerad den 19 maj 2017

Welcome to this year's Pufendorf lectures with Frans de Waal 22-24 May including a book signing on 23 May.

This year we proudly present Professor Frans B. M. de Waal as the Pufendorf lecturer. He is an eminent Dutch primatologist and author of numerous books including Chimpanzee Politics, Our Inner Ape and Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?

Frans de Waal will give the following talks at LUX, Lund University:
22 May: Empathy and Cooperation in Animals
23 May: Reuniting Morality and Biology – followed by a book signing with books available for purchase (You can pay with cash or Swish)
24 May: Cognition: Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? The lectures are held 15.15-17 in LUX Aula, Helgonavägen 3, Lund.
More information about all three lectures can be found <link http: www.pufendorf.se>here.

The lectures are open to everyone, but the lecture hall (LUX aula) has a limited number of seats so please come early to get a seat.