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I am working at the intersection of philosophy of action, philosophy of mind and metaethics. The focus of my phd thesis is the ontology of practical reasons. I am currently finishing a research monograph titled: The Collective Archives of Mind.

In this work, I examine the thesis that acting for reasons turns us into self-determining agents. The idea of a self-determining agent is, I believe, still underdeveloped in the research field of reasons and normativity. To fill this gap, I draw from research about mind and cognition, in particular social cognition. I argue for the thesis that self-determination is a phenomenon of social cognition - only possible for creatures sharing reasons with others of the same kind. I suggest a social ontology of reasons - describing reasons as abstract items of a "collective archive".

Related interests range from political theories of freedom and equality to legal theory and - having a background in human medicine - also psychiatry and psychopathology.


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Gloria Mähringer

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