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About the research

My current research focuses on principles for environmental impact accounting, for example national carbon accounting, in the context of international trade, and the relation between environmental impact and economic growth. Together with some colleagues, I have developed a new indicator that enables countries to keep track on how their exports and imports affect emissions abroad, to secure that domestic climate mitigation efforts are converted into reductions of global emissions and not offset by carbon leakage. Other research interests include game theoretical and evolutionary approaches to moral norms and political legitimacy.


Books (1)
Editorships (1)
  • Jiborn, M. & Kander, A. (2013). (Eds.) Generationsmålet - kontroverser kring klimat och konsumtion. Dialogos.
Articles (3)
  • Kander, A., Jiborn, M., Moran, D. & Wiedmann, T. (2015). National greenhouse-gas accounting for effective climate policy on international trade. Nature Climate Change, 5, 431-435. Nature Research.
  • Jiborn, M. (2003). Förtroende och samarbete. Tidskrift för politisk filosofi, 2003. Thales.
  • Jiborn, M. & Rabinowicz, W. (2003). Reconsidering the Foole's rejoinder: Backward induction in indefinitely iterated prisoner's dilemmas. Synthese, 136, 135-157. Springer.
Book chapters (1)
Reports (2)
Newspaper articles (1)
  • Kander, A. & Jiborn, M. (2013). Vedertagna utsläppsmått leder till fel klimatpolitik. Dagens nyheter (DN debatt).

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Magnus Jiborn

Practical Philosophy
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