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I am a PhD student with interest in visual selective attention, perceptual load, and pupillometry. In particular, I study how emotions, arousal and the social context can influence how we select and process information. Within my doctoral studies I conducted experiments on how the social context affects the attentional control of saccadic responses. We found that the mere presence of others prolongs the preparation of saccades that depend from attentional mediation. In a second study we explored how the social context influences learning outcomes and visual attention in learning tasks (under review). In a third study I investigated the role of the LC-NE system during attentional selective task portraying low and high perceptual load. Interestingly, pupil size predicted response times only when selective attention was possible. In our last study, we investigated whether pupil size fluctuations could be used to trace both cognitive and emotional dimensions of affective processing.



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Manuel Oliva

Filosofiska institutionen


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